2012 Cluster Fabrica, Brighton
A large-scale installation comprising a series of woven sculptures allowing the visitor to move in and around them. The work, combined with the architecture of the building, created both a social space in which to gather and play, and a space of quiet contemplation.


2015 Basketry Identity          Riverhouse, Walton-on-Thames
2014 Making Lewes              William Hardy Studio, Lewes
2014 From Bare Stems          High Cross House, Dartington 
2013 Making Tracks              ONCA, Brighton
2013 Inspirational Objects    Pump House, Battersea
2012 Useful and Beautiful     Apricot Gallery, London     
2010 Inspired By                    V&A Museum, London                 


2014 Craftplay
A commission working with families in Wolverhampton to co-create play objects for Bilston Craft Gallery.

2013 The Bench Remains Maison de la Culture d’Amiens
I collaborated with metalworker Annie Slack in making a long bench in a woodland setting on an island in the river Somme with Corten and sweet chestnut as part of Art Cities Landscapes Amiens.

2013-15 Naughty Folklore The Brighton Mummers, Apple Day
The Sussex Scarp was a ‘historical’ woven object, created by me. With some wonderful collaborators it was woven into an old Sussex Game, which is played around the apple harvest time. This year, I organised an international Scarp tournament.. England Vs France. England won.

2013 The Great Windsor Chair Race Bovey Tracy
A collaboration with furniture makers Tom McWalter and William Warren creating a seat woven with hay.

2013 Furnas, The Azores
I led a project in the award winning Furnas Research and Monitoring Centre introducing new methods for using their willow collection.

2012 Circle Tower Hamlets, London
I led a 10 week weaving project working with elderly and young people, focusing on communication and memory.

2011 Outdoor Knitting Oak Grove College, Worthing Lead artist at this special school, co-creating large and small sculptures with natural materials.


2013 Arrivals and Departures: Travel Bursary to Galicia Farnham Maltings/The Arts Council 
2013 Best in Show, Made Brighton
2012 Barnara Maynard Award, City Lit


2015 Crafts Council- Hothouse Programme

2006-2011 City and Guilds: Basket Making City Lit