Making a Life

It all started out with making a basket, but has become much more about making a life.

3 baskets.jpg

And now it seems to be the only way forward. I love to make.
I think I'm happiest when I'm making, or thinking about making.

At the moment I'm just thinking. I'm thinking I like everything about baskets.

Making Ground, Making Space

I'm having a hugely exciting week making, experimenting and playing with willow and clay. It's almost the end of my year long collaboration with ceramic artist Elaine Bolt and we're celebrating with a Making Space residency at Fabrica in Brighton.

Photo Alun Callender

Photo Alun Callender


During our Making Space week we're using willow and clay from the project site and working playfully with the idea of a production line whilst allowing the human hand and a little conversation to inform the outcome.

Our production line is being mirrored by artist Rachel Henson who is using the space to further develop her innovative loopascope and mutoscopes, created for the project.
Tomorrow we are being joined by artists Alice Kettle and Helen Carnac.

Artist Talk
Thursday 9 February from 6pm

Gallery Open
Open Friday 10 February 12-5pm

Brick moulds with found tiles willow and clay  Photo Alun Callender

Craft: I Made This

In August I was on the More4 tv programme: Craft: I Made This.

It involved  a little collaboration with William Hardie to make a bench. It was really quite fun and despite the time pressure William ended up with a really beautiful oak bench. I haven't had the chance to sit on it yet. Any day now!

Click on the image below to the link. I am 32.30 minutes into the programme! 

Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show


May 24, 2016

I'm very excited to have an Artistan Retreat (AR739) at this years Chelsea Flower Show. Ill be showing my work and demonstrating all week.

The Artisan Retreats are in a relatively sedate wooded area near some lovely cafes - do come visit. I'm next door to the very brilliant Helen Carnac.

I'll be there all this week (May 24-28)  from 8am to 8 pm and Saturday until 5pm.

Another season has passed

Just too darn busy here to have time to blog! Lots of exciting projects running here at the same time! Some lovely rush work for Katie Hillier and another furniture project for Studio Reed. I'm enjoying a quick swim in the Pells at lunchtimes. 


I've just had a lovely week working on an installation for Charleston Farmhouse, near Lewes. The piece or pieces are nestled together in the wind swept farmyard.   For SNUG I thought about how creatures (and people) gather together for protection, warmth and social contact against a harsh environment.  It was great fun exploring this sculpturally in the space at Charleston.

Thanks to all the amazing help I had carrying bundles of willow and weaving in tight intricate spaces.

SNUG will be on show at Charleston until October.